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I. Total Health Secrets, our sister site, is the premier source of 1) alternative health information to educate you in making effective choices in health and lifestyle; and 2) products designed to significantly improve your health, energy & restore optimum weight, and 3) Free expert advice!
Included are:
• Natural Organic Living Foods, including tasty crackers & treats!
• Kitchen Appliances
• Herbal Cleansing Programs: colon, liver, candida, parasite
• Nutrient Dense Whole Food Supplements
• Health Equipment
• Alternative Health Books
• Free Health Newslettera

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II. The Fire Within site offers unique & empowering workshops, retreats & travel adventures, including our current "Dolphins in Paradise" - Dolphin Adventure Trips to the Caribbean. You'll find opportunities to grow & improve your life in ways you may never have experienced before.
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